We’re always aligned to helping you maximize your sales price. But we look beyond...

What’s your full list of goals? Ideal timeline, discretion, publicity, are you looking for a straightforward sale, a JV partner, a sale-leaseback? We work with you and offer our advise to help you define the best approach

Off-market sale:
An efficient way to test the market or to sell a property without prematurely upsetting current tenants, neighbors or family members, and to avoid sending signals that might be misinterpreted by lenders, competitors or suppliers.

Structured process:
A great way to ensure full transparency, to control the timeline, and to potentially drive up pricing by arranging a fully competitive situation.

Then, we move on to execution.

We assist with the preparation of a teaser and the necessary marketing materials, and we use the full strength of our reach into institutional, corporate and private investors to find the right buyers for your property.

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